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Burn a Better Candle

Keep Your Wicks Trimmed & Centered
Wicks that are not centered can cause your soy candle to burn unevenly. Always keep the wick centered.

Drafts and/or extreme temperature changes can cause your candle to burn uneven. Please try moving your soy candle to a draft-free location if you experience uneven burning.

Always keep the wick trimmed to ¼” before lighting your soy candle. Be careful not to trim your wick too short, as the flame will drown when lit.

Extinguish the wick by dipping it in the wax, it is being coated with wax each time. This wax coating helps keep the soy candle from smoking compared to when extinguished by air. When a candle is blown out the smoke causing soot. Use a specialty wick dipper, skewer, spoon or other long item to dip the wick in the wax pool. Be sure to straighten the wick afterwards so it’s ready for the next session.

Soot and Soy Candles
No candle can be completely soot free, but soy wax candles create less soot than traditional candles.

If you are experiencing soot with your soy candle, make sure that you trim the wick to ¼” each time before you light your soy candle. Drafts will make your candle flame flicker which causes smoke.

Wick trimmings may cause black soot if left in wax pool.