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Scent of the Week – Citronella


The ‘Official Scent’ of backyard get-togethers everywhere. Our Citronella blend includes citronella, eucalyptus, wintergreen, lavender and cedar wood to help keep your picnic or party pest free.

Indulge in SoyTarts for $1.00

Not only do our SoyTart Wax Potpourri Melts add fragrance to an entire room within minutes, but the scent will last for hours. Simply melt a Soy Tart in an electric or tea-light warmer, and the room will quickly be filled with your favorite scent.

Each week will highlight a scent from our line of soy candles. To experience the scent at it’s strongest we are offering a special price on our SoyTarts wax melts for a limited time. The special price will be in place from Sunday to Sunday when the next scent is introduced. Click here to buy today.