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Pending Orders

Hello Everyone – we are busy making those holiday orders and want to let you know that due to an unexpected increase in sales we are running about a week out on shipping pending orders. We expect to have all pending order shipped out either tomorrow morning or Monday, Oct 25th.  We apologize for the delay but thank you so much for your patronage this season.

Also, those of you waiting on the Basil scented candles; we have finally received word the oil is on it’s way to us from the manufacturer. They were out of stock for a little over a month but the fabulous fragrance is once again going to be on our shelves. Thank you sooooo much for your patience on that fragrance.

You may have noticed our dishtowels are already off-line. We usually remove them on the 20th of November but this year the demand for them was outstanding and we had to remove them sooner than usual. If you have a pending order for dishtowels they are guaranteed to ship in time for holiday delivery.

We cherish each of you and thank you so much for your loyalty year after year. Have a wonderful week and weekend!!
-The Staff at SWCC