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Reviews – important or not?

While I’m not in the habit of writing reviews I didn’t realize how important they are to some potential customers. We get several emails daily, from people shopping on Amazon or our website, asking for reviews of our candles. Even though we’ve sold hundreds of candles on Amazon, only 3 people have taken the time to write a review. SO…I am asking you, my loyal customers, to please review on Amazon any scent/candle you’ve purchased from us. 

When writing a review there are things to consider – how the candle burned, size of room you burned it in, was the scent the right strength, how long the wax melts lasted, etc. I’m looking for honest reviews and while scent can be subjective I look forward to hearing what you have to say. We’ve improved one of our scents through a 3 star review as it helped us locate a problem with a new batch of fragrance oils we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Our listings on Amazon can be found here. Thank you for your time! 

Oh – one last thing – if you write a review on Amazon email me the link and I’ll put your name in a drawing.  In 2 weeks I will draw a name or two for some free holiday candles.