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SoyTart Wax Melt & Warmer Education

We recently had a customer irritated that our wax soytart smelled burnt which led us to ask some questions since we've never had this happen during testing nor has another customer contacted us with this complaint.  The culprit…a warmer that was too hot.
Did you know that some types of wax melt warmers are too hot for soy?  The "S" company, you know who, sells beautiful warmers but they, like most lightbulb type warmers, are TOO HOT for soy wax. Actually, they are too hot for most wax melts. 
When the warmer is too hot, the scent burns off in a few hours and money is wasted. For some companies, that means you re-buy their product more often but for us, we feel you should get days out of our wax melts, not hours. 
We recommend electric plate warmers or tea light warmers for wax melts. We sell some electric plate warmers but you can find great ones at local stores too. Here's an example of what we think is the best electric plate warmer.  Tea light warmers are amazing too.