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Let’s Review Last Month’s News

New Website. New Deals. July 19, 2015  Soy Works Candle Company’s home on the web has been in the same spot since 2001 and running on outdated technology. Recently we undertook the huge task of moving our website to a new platform with more options for both us and you, our patrons….read more

Glimmer Warmer How it WorksIntroducing Glimmer Wax Warmers July 24, 2015  The Glimmer Wax Warmer is a decorative, two piece electric warmer  that doubles as both a candle warmer and SoyTarts wax melt warmer. Plus there’s no light bulb to replace, ever….read more

Wax Melts for $1.00 July 28, 2015  Grab some limited edition, retired and discontinued scented wax melts for $1.00. 1 buck will get you 1 large soytart wax melt in a fragrance you can’t wait to try. Hurry, quantities are limited and at these prices, they will go fast.

Essential vs Fragrance Oil (or Why Apple Crisp EO Doesn’t Exist) August 2, 2015 We’ve decided to address the reason we don’t use Essential Oils in our candles and to provide information on what essential oils really are and how they should be used. In our experience, they have no place in candle making and should be used in aromatherapy applications instead….read more