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Forgetful? We can be too…

We’ve all been there, you’re driving home and suddenly you wonder, ‘did I turn off the warmer?’ Do you turn around and check? Call maintenance and ask them to save your bacon, again?

Or you’ve left the house to run errands or head to work and the same thought…there’s no housekeeping or maintenance crew at home so you have to turn around and check. warmer auto shut off

Now you don’t have to. Which is why our electric plate candle and wax melt warmer with auto shut off is amazing! Simply place a candle, wickless candle or wax melts* on the warmer and enjoy the scents you love for 8 hours. After 8 hours passes, the warmer turns itself off and lets you think about other things.  Plus it’s only $10.00. How’s that for peace of mind at an economical price?!

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*wax melts must be used with a heat proof container such as a glass custard cup, small mason jar, ramekin, etc. Any item of the sort can be used as long as it makes solid contact with the metal heat plate.