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Raspberry, oh how I love thee

There’s an old saying about how the cobbler’s family has no shoes and it’s uncanny how accurate the meaning behind it can be. As a candle maker, I don’t have a single candle poured and ready for me to use. Mostly because I spend so much time in the studio where it smells amazing all the time. Today, I decided it was time to make some candles and melts for myself. While I was looking through the hundreds of oils, raspberry caught my eye. I forgot how much I love that scent. It’s sweet, tart and bright. I can almost taste the fresh fruit when I smell this oil.

I continued browsing the oils and a few more scents caught my attention. I ended up making raspberry melts, wild berry melts, lemonade melts, coriander bergamot candles (sorry this one isn’t available to the public) and dirt melts. I should be stocked for a while. 😉

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