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News from the Candle Studio

New Jars!
New Jars!

Every once in a while, I’d like to touch base and let you know what’s up in the studio. A few days ago, we received a shipment of wax and new candle jars. While the wax is commonplace, the jars are anything but. In fact, new fragrances and new containers get this candle maker a little excited. ūüôā ¬†Please forgive the amateur¬†photos taken on the spur of the moment with my cell phone but I couldn’t wait to tell our followers what was going on in the studio that day.

Flared Square & Square Votive
Flared Square & Square Votive

The new jars range in size from 2.25 ounces (Square Votive) up to 20 ounces (Emma) and we will be testing them to find what we like best.  As you can see, the flared 5 oz square is a beautiful candle and the little square shot is perfect for accent decorations or smaller spaces.

The Emma jar is the one I’m most excited about. I love larger candles but have found anything wide, like this jar, is harder to find the right wick to burn properly. We started the test burn on the Emma on July 17th and so far, so good. ¬†Here’s a little video of the progress. See that amazing melt pool? That’s what makes them smell so good….all the way to the edge and at least a 1/4″ deep.


There’s a little mushrooming at the top of the wick but I believe that is due to the fact I used an old fragrance oil and I’m not keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch like I should. We all have our favorite fragrances and this one, coriander bergamot, happens to be mine. I’ve had it for a long time and probably longer than I should have. I know I wouldn’t sell a candle with fragrance oil this old! ¬†Anyway, it’s my favorite so that’s what I like to test my first candle of any new size with and it’s also a fairly standard fragrance. Why does that matter, ¬†you might wonder? ¬†Each fragrance oil performs a little different; some require bigger wicks (vanillas) and others require smaller wicks in the same size container for a similar burn performance.¬†Finicky? Yes. The variations are the reason we test every single fragrance in each size jar we offer. As you can imagine, this takes some time and it’s also the reason we don’t introduce new candle sizes very often. I think it’s been a decade since our last “new” size was introduced.¬† Amazing results are so worth every hour of testing in the end.¬†

We have some exciting featured fragrances coming up this week where you can take 10% off you entire purchase. There is also the Christmas in July promotion where 50% off all candles and wax melts in the Winter/Holiday category are included. Seriously, that is a great deal but its ends July 31st.

That’s about it for now. I’ll keep you posted on the new container testing and hopefully, we’ll be adding some new sizes to the product line for this fall.

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