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Getting Organized!

Introducing our new downloadable planners.

If you’re even a little like me when it comes to keeping track of your life, you know finding the right planner can be a challenge. After years [decades] of searching and using versions that were beautiful, but only so-so in functionality, I finally decided to put my graphic design skills to use for my planner life.

Each of the planners we offer is a complete set of pages ready to print at your convenience. The PDF file is yours to keep and use as often as you would like for personal use.

Our planners each have the same basic elements:
1. monthly calendar page
2. weekly calendar pages
3. meal planning
4. monthly tasks
5. weekly tasks

Planner 1.0 is a graphic rich planner that builds on the basic design elements.

Planner 2.0 is a color rich planner that will brighten any day you need to tackle. The basic design is the same from version to version, but the colorway is what makes each version unique. If you like the colors of the tropics or the busy city, we’ve got a colorway for you.

Each style can be used for a particular month or printed 12 times for an entire year’s worth of planner pages.

Take a look at our complete selection to help organize your day, and for a limited time, save 50% on any design.  Coupon Code: PLAN50

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News from the Candle Studio


We’re experiencing a true fall this year. Often in Montana, we go straight from summer to winter, but this year we are enjoying beautiful average temperatures. We have crisp 40° mornings and warm 60° days turning into beautiful evenings pleasant enough to enjoy outside by candlelight and fire pit.

The slow changing of the seasons is one of the things I’m grateful for this year. I adore spending time outside in the morning and evenings relaxing on the deck. I can often be found there with my favorite warm beverage and a great smelling candle. During these leisurely moments on the candle studio’s deck I prefer to take care of the business side of Soy Works Candle Company. While I would like to believe that I’m going to invent something as great as sliced bread during these moments, instead it’s when I think of improvements & great offers to bring to you.

One of these improvements is the ability to review all products on our website. Even though we’ve made candles since 2000 and have been selling them since 2001 we’ve never given you the ability to review them. The main reason is technology just wasn’t on our side. Reviews were something big stores and big companies had access to and small business owners simply couldn’t afford the option. Well, at least until a few years ago. So why did it take us so long to jump on the bandwagon? Simply because scent is subjective. What I like may not be what you like and what you like may not be what others like. I wasn’t sure that reviewing scents would make sense, but then I realized the power of other people’s opinions. If you’ve enjoyed our candles, please take a moment and share your experiences with us. The ability to review each candle scent is located on the product page for that certificate

Another item that used to be limited to big stores is digital gift certificates. We are excited to introduce digital gift certificates to Soy Works Candle Company. These gift certificates can be given in any amount to anyone with an email address. You can email them to yourself to be given away later or email them directly to the recipient. Gift certificates are great for the hard to buy for, the picky and just anyone who loves candles and melts.

35546886 - spruce twigs and sticks cinnamon

34536780 - small waterfall in black forest, germany

If you follow our blog you know that we often test new fragrances. For the last few months we’ve been working on some new Christmas and winter scents. I can say that it was interesting to have the candle studios smell like a Christmas tree in August but it was sure worth it. Take a look at the new scents of cinnamon spruce, bayberry black forest, and bonfire bliss. They will not disappoint.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the current deal we’re offering, which is 50% off all candles in the winter and holiday department. To get your discount use coupon code holiday50. While supplies aren’t limited, the coupon code is. Be sure to use it before 12/01/2016.

That’s all the news from the candle studio today; I think I’m headed outside to the deck. Be sure to take some time soon to slow down and enjoy your favorite space before the hustle of the holidays is upon us.

All the best,
Heather Gunsch

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Want to earn an extra $100?

Tell a Friend

I don’t know about you, but I can always use a few extra bucks in my pocket and it’s even better when earning that extra income is so easy. We rely on you, our loyal customer, to spread the word. Up until recently, there was no reward for sharing your love of Soy Works Candle Company’s amazing candles and wax melts.  Now, we offer the ability to earn 25% of each order placed by any person you refer to us.  How? It’s super simple, keep talking about us.

The average order from referred customers is just over $100 which means only four of your referrals need to place an average size order for your earnings to be $100. Click here for full details.

Fall. Autumn. Harvest.

apple pieWhatever you call the season, she’s definitely let her presence be known this week with cooler temperatures, leaves blowing in the wind, rain showers and the first frost of the season. All of which sparks the nesting qualities in me. I want to surround myself with scents of apples, cinnamon and pumpkins. While baking an apple crisp or pie and putting up pumpkin puree and applesauce is ideal to fill my home with those wonderful scents, the next best option is Soy Works Candle Company’s fabulous fall collection.

We are currently offering our fall collection at 50% off retail prices until Halloween (coupon: fall50)

While you are waiting for your order to arrive, enjoy my recipe for apple & pear crisp. Invite some friends over, make some coffee, break out the ice cream and enjoy a bowl of warm, fall goodness.

Apple & Pear Crisp

9×13 pan  |   425• degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown


  • 6 apples – peeled, cored and sliced (use any apple you enjoy eating such as Gala or Honeycrisp)
  • 2 pears – peeled, cored and sliced
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl; add sliced apples and pears. Toss until mixed well. Transfer to a 9×13 pan. Prepare crumble topping.

Crumble Ingredients

  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3/4 cup rolled oats

In an electric mixer or by hand with a wooden spoon, cream butter and sugar until fluffy.  Then add flour and mix until crumbly. Add rolled oats and mix until incorporated. Crumble over apple/pear mixture by hand as even as possible.

Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes or until golden and bubbly. Let cool slightly and serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Limited Editions

We often sample new  fragrances and different versions of the ones we currently offer. This leads to extra bits of fragrance oil laying about the candle studio. We’ve put that oil to good use by turning it into limited edition wax melts that we offer at 50% off the regular retail price. But, once these are gone, they are gone forever.

Gift Certificates

We are now offering our gift certificates in electronic form and in any amount you desire. You can buy them for yourself or for anyone with a valid email address.

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News from the Candle Studio

The evening is crisp and the scent of fall rain lingers in the air as I sit down to write about the latest news from the Soy Works Candle studio. It’s been a busy fall as we’ve been gearing up for the fast approaching candle season. Candle season? Yes, there’s definitely a season when candles and melts are more sought after and it starts right about now.

As our activities turn indoors, I know that I crave the warmth of pumpkin, apples & spices once the weather starts to turn colder. There is something comforting about the scent of mulled cider  on a cool fall day. It’s the sort of scent that makes me want to curl up with a warm, puffy blanket, a warm beverage and a good book.

Of course, the world has gone crazy for pumpkin spice and we have had those scents long before they were the “it” scents of fall. While I’m not a huge fan of cloves, I do love our simple cinnamon pumpkin. It’s warm, earthy and scrumptious.  For those of you who do love the whole pumpkin pie spice experience, check out both our pumpkin latte and pumpkin pie….oh, and don’t forget pumpkin cheesecake for a rich spiced cheesecake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I recommend using our search box up there to your right and typing in pumpkin for several more goodies like pumpkin roll, which is a rich pumpkin gingerbread cake with creamy frosting. Your home will smell like you’ve been baking all day! We’d like you to experience all of our amazing fall fragrances and to help you out, we’re offering 50% off all fragrances in the fall section of our website until October 31st. Use coupon fall50 to save and please, tell a friend or two.

We’ve rebranded our candle club to exactly that…. Candle Club. It’s simple and easy to remember and to use. If you would like to be surprised by the scents arriving at your door each month, this is the right product for you. You tell us your likes & dislikes, candles/melts/both then pick a candle club box size. We’ll do the rest based on your likes and ship a box to you each month.

Earlier this summer, I began testing new containers for our candle line and the testing is almost complete. While the large Emma jar and fluted square jar didn’t work out there are some super cute square votives that tested beautifully. Each square votive is about 3 ounces and has a burn time of 20-30 hours. Look for them on our website soon.

Thank you for stopping by our spot on the web. We appreciate all of our loyal customers and to those of you who are new to the Soy Works Candle Company brand, we hope to share our products and service with you for years to come. Enjoy the present and have a warm, richly scented fall.

-Heather Gunsch
Founder / Chandler