Fragrance Descriptions

Almond Sweet almonds
Amber Earthy, warm and woodsy
Apple Barrel Cider Crisp, ripe apples with the perfect blend of spices
Apple Pie Ripe apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and buttery crust
Apples & Clove Red apples combined with warm cloves
Baby Powder Clean and fresh
Banana Ripe, sweet pure banana
Basil A true herbal, peppery, fresh from the garden scent.
Bayberry Traditional holiday scent
Bergamot Bright citrus with tangy top notes; the same citrus found in Earl Grey tea
Bergamot Tobacco Earthy rich tobacco leaves with a hint of citrus
Blackberry Tart berries fresh off the bramble
Blackberry Sage Tea Earthy sage combined with black tea and a hint of sweet tart blackberries
Blueberry Sweet juicy berries picked at the peak of ripeness
Blueberry Cheesecake Rich buttery graham cracker crust paired with a sweet vanilla custard and warm sweet blueberries
Blueberry Muffin Freshly baked muffins with hints of vanilla and blueberries
Bubble Gum Pink, sweet and ultimately youth.  Bubble gum will take you back to the yellow and blue wrapped hunk of juicy goodness from years gone by.
Bumbleberry Wild blackberries, strawberries and the earthy woodlands
Candy Cane Sweet peppermint and vanilla
Candy Corn Honey and vanilla
Carrot Cake Sweet, spicy carrot cake complete with cream cheese frosting
Chamomile Light fresh floral
Cheesecake Rich buttery graham cracker crust paired with a sweet vanilla custard
Cherry Sweet red cherries picked fresh from the tree
Cherry Almond Sweet cherries with hints of almond; reminds us of the original scent of a name brand lotion
Cherry Vanilla Sweet red cherries topped with vanilla cream
Chocolate Pure, sweet, milk chocolate
Chocolate Mint Dark chocolate with a hint of peppermint; sweet and minty
Christmas Tree A blend of spruce, fir and pine; like stepping into the tree lot during the holidays
Cinnamon Traditional warm cinnamon
Cinnamon Pumpkin Warm cinnamon with fresh, roasted pumpkin; not pumpkin pie
Cinnamon Spice Cinnamon spiked with clove
Cinnamon Vanilla Latte™ Dark espresso blended with sweet vanilla and spiced with warm cinnamon
Citronella Lemon based herb with hints of lavender & eucalyptus; most outdoor flying pests repelled by lemon based fragrances
Citrus Crisp, fresh blend of lemon and lime
Citrus Basil Peppery herbal basil combined with crisp lemon and lime
Citrus Sangria Sweet red wine mixed with lemon, orange, cherry and lime
Clove Warm, deep and rich spice
Coconut Pure coconut
Coconut Cream Fresh cracked coconut mixed with sweet, vanilla custard
Coconut Lime Verbena Crisp lime blended with nutty coconut and top notes of lemon
Coffee Bean Dark, rich espresso
Cognac & Cubans Masculine; bergamot with fresh lemon zest spritzing a heart of velvety cognac essences and rich, spiced tobacco leaves
Country Clothesline April fresh laundry
Cranberry Tart and sweet
Cranberry Chutney

Cranberry Orange Crisp citrus blended with tart and sweet cranberry
Cranberry Spice Fresh tart cranberries spiked with warm, earthy clove
Crème Brulee Vanilla custard with a hint of burnt sugar caramel
Cucumber Fresh from the garden scent of crisp, clean cucumber
Cucumber Melon Clean, fresh cucumber paired with honeydew melon
Dirt A new bag of potting soil opened for the first time; earthy, fresh scent with notes of citrus
Eucalyptus Strong herbal with menthol notes
Fig Sweet, earthy ripe figs
Fig Basil Earthy ripe fig paired with peppery basil
Fig Lavender Earthy ripe fig paired with clean lavender
Fresh Laundry Laundry fresh from the dryer, clean and crisp
Fudge Brownie Chocolate lovers dream; rich fudgy gooey brownies warm from the oven
Garden Mint Herbal and clean; Spearmint
Gardenia Musky floral from grandma’s garden
Ginger Warm spicy scent similar to Origins
Ginger Lime Spicy ginger paired with crisp lime
Gingerbread Smells like Christmas; warm gingerbread rich with ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg
Gingered Peach Warm spiced peach jam
Gingersnap Spicy ginger with a bit of molasses
Green Apple Crisp, tart green apple
Hazelnut Coffee Dark espresso blended with earthy hazelnuts & sweet cream
Hidden Orchard Earthy scent of apple wood, oak and moss on a spring day
Honey & Vanilla Sweet clover honey with hints of real vanilla
Honeydew Sweet freshly cut melon
Honeysuckle Fresh spring honeysuckle blooms growing wild on the tree; succulent and sweet.
Hot Buttered Popcorn Fresh from the stove top popcorn with rich melted butter; so realistic they will think you just made a fresh batch
Hot Buttered Rum Warm toddy with rich butter, rum and a hint of spice
Huckleberry Tart and sweet summer mountain berries
Hyacinth Springtime in the garden
Island Fresh Breeze Salty water, lush rain forest, tropical flowers; the perfect island paradise
Jasmine Heavy true to the flower scent
Key Lime Pie Sweet, creamy key lime pie; tart lime and creamy custard with a buttery graham crust
Kumquat Bright, sweet citrus; similar to a sweet orange
Lavender Always lovely and never soapy; just like walking through the lavender fields in France
Lavender Vanilla Floral blend of clean lavender and sweet vanilla
Lemon Crisp, tart freshly cut lemons
Lemon Cheesecake Rich buttery graham cracker crust paired with a lemon cheesecake custard
Lemonade Crisp, sweet and oh so refreshing
Lemongrass Lemon based herb
Lemongrass Lavender Clean and fresh; floral lavender with hints of lemon
Lemongrass Sage Earthy sage with hints of lemon
Lilac Springtime favorite; floral, fresh and light
Lime Tart with a hint of sweetness; fresh citrus
Magnolia Southern magnolia trees in bloom
Mango & Mandarin Bright citrus with sweet fruit top notes
Mulberry Sweet fruit with a bit of tang
Nectarine Sweet, ripe fresh cut fruit
Ocean Salty air, beach grasses and salt water; fresh and clean
Orange Freshly squeezed citrus
Orange Spice Freshly squeezed citrus spiked with cloves
Orange Vanilla Creamy and sweet; just like the famous Dreamcicle
Papaya Mango Sweet and fruity
Patchouli and Honey This is a patchouli for everyone – even if you don’t like patchouli! The honey transforms the scent into a rich, earthy but softly sweet fragrance
Peach Ripe juicy peaches off the tree
Peaches & Cream Ripe juicy peaches off the tree paired with sweet cream & sugar
Pear Clean, light fruit
Pear and Redwood Clean light pear combined with earthy redwood
Pear Berry Pears and raspberries; a classic pairing
Pecan Pie Warm nutty pecan praline with a fresh baked crust
Peppermint Herbal, crisp and bright mint; not candy cane
Pina Colada A vacation in a candle; pineapple, orange, coconut, rum and cream
Pine Needle Pure pine without the astringent quality; smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree
Pink Grapefruit Bright citrus with a tangy overtone
Plum Sweet summer plums ripe from the tree
Plumeria (Frangipani) Hawaiian floral; also known as frangipani
Pomegranate Sweet, tart and fruity
Praline Sweet caramel with a hint of nut
Pumpkin Plain, pure roasted pumpkin straight from the garden (not pumpkin pie)
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin pie spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove married to rich buttery cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin custard spiced with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
Pumpkin Roll Gingerbread pumpkin cake with creamy vanilla filling
Rain Fresh clean scent of a rain storm
Rain Forest Deep and woodsy with notes of grass, fresh air and rain
Raspberry Bright red berries ripe off the bush
Raspberry Cheesecake Rich buttery graham cracker crust paired with sweet vanilla custard and ripe berries
Red Apple Crisp apples straight from the orchard
Root Beer Straight from the tap and into an icy mug
Root Beer Float Classic sweet treat complete with vanilla ice cream
Rose Fresh cut roses at the height of their bloom.
Rosemary Mint Strong garden herbal with menthol notes
Sage Herbal and earthy
Sandalwood Earthy and rich wood
Sea Breeze Salty air with heavy notes of beach grasses & flowers off the coast
Smoke & Odor Eliminator Citrus and clean scent helps to neutralize household odors
Spiced Butter cream Frosting Rich creamy frosting with a hint of warm spice
Splendor of Christmas Cinnamon and clove combined with apples, citrus, oak and pine
Strawberry Fresh picked berries from the patch
Strawberry Cheesecake Rich butter graham cracker crust filled with vanilla custard and topped with fresh cut berries
Strawberry Lemonade Sweet red berries dropped into tart lemonade
Sugar Cookies Classic Christmas baked cookies with frosting
Summer Breeze Similar to the name brand original scent laundry detergent; fresh clean summer breeze
Sunflower Bright summer floral
Tea Tree Strong herbal with astringent notes
The 18th Hole (fresh cut grass) Fresh cut grass on a warm summer day
Tiger Lily Deep and musky floral
Toasted Marshmallow Vanilla gooey candy with just the right about of campfire toastiness
Tobacco (Pipe) Pipe Tobacco scent will transport you into a gentleman’s smoke shop rich with the scent of aged tobacco and a hint of cherry.
Tobacco Leaf Fresh tobacco plant scent has fresh citrus top notes with juniper and woodsy notes of vetiver and tobacco; hints of lemon, orange, verbena, juniper and hay all on a base of tobacco.
Vanilla Bean Pure vanilla
Vanilla Coconut Vanilla paired with tropical coconut
Vanilla Latte Dark espresso with sweet cream and vanilla
Vanilla Maple Pecan Warm baked rolls with vanilla maple frosting and toasted pecans
Vanilla Pine Crisp clean pine with a hint of sweet vanilla
Vanilla Rose Deep floral rose paired with sweet vanilla
Violet Summer floral
Watermelon The scent of summer; sweet and juicy right off the vine
White Citrus type White Citrus is a duplicate of the designer fragrance and is one of  our owners personal favorites. Bright citrus and water lily top notes complimented with a hint of ginger and floral bottom notes.
White Tea and Thyme Refreshing light lemon with earthy white tea leaves
Wild Berry Sweet summer berries; blueberry, blackberry and raspberry
Yuzu Japanese grapefruit; crisp, clean citrus