Fund Raisers

We offer our candles as a fundraiser for any group, big or small. If you are looking for a great product to sell and earn up to 50% on every items sold then we have a programs for you!


Typically we offer a select group of scents to compliment the season of the fundraiser in three sizes; large country jar, medium country jar and soy tarts (wax melts). Full color order forms are included for each member of your group along with scent samples. This is an example of our current fundraiser forms. SWCC Fundraiser Order Forms

  • Orders are taken by hand from each person of your group selling the candles.
  • Monies are collected and turned in to the fundraising coordinator.
  • The coordinator places the master order on our website using a coupon code to receive 50% off the entire order
    • shipping fees are added to the order and vary based on weight and destination zip code
      • on average a 50lb box costs $30+ to ship
  • The order is processed within 4-6 weeks and shipped to the coordinator who distributes the items to their customers.


We also offer an easier online option which allows you to share our website with your potential customers and offer them a coupon code that is valid for the length of your fundraiser. The coupon code flags the orders for your fundraiser so your customers must enter the code. After the time frame is complete, your profits will be transferred to you via ACH transfer. Our bank requires your routing number and account number for this secure transfer.  There is an additional 3% fee for this option but the ease of not collecting orders, money and delivering orders is a benefit. The approximate profit for each candle / product is 47%.

  • We provide a flyer to distribute to all potential customers which includes your unique fundraiser coupon code and information about our products
  • The fundraising coordinator gives the unique coupon code to all who are promoting the fundraiser
    • they give it to their customers to order directly on
  • We process the orders as they come in and ship directly to your customers
  • At the end of the fundraiser time frame, we tally all flagged orders (those who used your coupon code) and wire the profits of approximately 47% to the fundraising coordinators or designated person/organizations bank account
    • accounts must be in the USA

If you are interested in raising money for your group with Soy Works Candle Company, please contact us at sales @