Travel TinThank you for your interest in our products. Soy Works Candle Company offers a wide selection of items at discounted wholesale prices. We make these products available to retail locations, e-commerce websites, fund-raising organizations and wedding planners (individual wedding parties too). If you are interested in maintaining an inventory you can take advantage of our wholesale services.

The Details:

    • You are more than welcome to order products at our wholesale prices to verify quality without meeting the minimum quantity. Simply state in the notes section “wholesale samples”.
    • All Candle and Spa Orders are hand-poured in small batches.
    • Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for production depending on order quantities.
    • Terms, product selection and prices subject to change without notice.
      • Check back often for our current product line.
    • All wholesale orders must be placed on this website with a valid coupon code to receive the appropriate discount.
      • Coupon Code: Whole
      • Discount will show in the cart after coupon is applied; currently 50% off retail price.
    • Minimum order quantities apply
      • Candles: 12 total  per size, per order
        • Mix and Match fragrances
      • SoyTarts wax melts: 24 sets, mix/match scents
      • Any order not meeting the minimum requirements will be cancelled.

Private Label wholesale orders are available

  • Labels
    • products arrive without our brand label
    • products arrive with our burn/warning labels attached
    • we do not supply custom labels
  • Regular Line
    • order just as you would a wholesale order
    • use coupon code whole
    • put a note in the shopping cart stating this is a private label order
  • Custom Containers
    • can be produced with a 3″ or smaller diameter and 6″ or smaller height
      • Libbey glassware & Anchor Hocking are wonderful companies to order glassware
        • if their minimum orders are too large for your company, your local food supply or restaurant supply might carry the same glassware in smaller quantities
        • require case quantity purchasing, i.e. if the case has 36 containers, then your order will be for 36 candles, mix/match scents
        • custom containers can be shipped directly to us from your glass supplier
      • If we have not used the exact container before, we will use one of the containers to test the proper wick for the diameter and height. Your completed order will be one less candle than case quantity.
    • Fragrances
      • custom fragrance oils can be used but must be tested to ensure quality of both the oil and finished candle
      • you can ship candle ready fragrance oils
    • Wicks
      • we cannot use customer supplied wicks
      • we are not able to get colored wicks from our current supplier
    • Cost
      • will be determined after the following variables are known
        • volume of custom container, if applicable
        • custom fragrance oil cost, if applicable

Let us know if you have any questions & welcome to the Soy Works Candle Company family!

Small Country Jar
Medium Country Jar
Medium Country Jar
Large Country Jar
Large Country Jar
Set of 3 large SoyTart wax melts
Set of 3 large SoyTart wax melts
Small SoyTart Wax Melts
Small SoyTart Wax Melts


Wickless Jar & Wax Melt Combo