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Scent of the Week – Vanilla Maple Pecan

Vanilla Maple Pecan
Pecan pie, ala mode, with hint of maple syrup and none of the calories. Burn one of these start to finish and you’ll need to join a gym…or go.
Each week will highlight a scent from our line of soy candles. To experience the scent at it’s strongest we are offering a special price on our SoyTarts wax melts for a limited time. The special price will be in place from Sunday to Sunday when the next scent is introduced.
Not only do our SoyTart Wax Potpourri Melts add fragrance to an entire room within minutes, but the scent will last for hours. A single SoyTart Wax Melt is equal in scent life to our Large Country Jar. Simply melt a Soy Tart in an electric or tea-light warmer, and the room will quickly be filled with your favorite scent. Click here to buy today.