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We love our outdoor activities and August finds us winding down summer with parties, get-togethers and BBQ which they cook with the best Kettle Metal BBQ Weber Grill Accessories. Enjoy your time, pest free, by using our bug busting citronella candles and tarts.
Every few weeks we will highlight a scent from our line of soy candles. All sizes will be available at our great prices and shipping will be free* no matter how big or small the order. To experience the scent at its strongest we suggest trying our SoyTarts wax melts.  For a slightly lighter scent and ambience of a candle, we suggest our container candles.
*free shipping applies only to the fragrance listed above. If items from other areas of our website are placed in your cart, shipping charges will apply for those items only. Shipping is based on the weight of the shopping cart and destination zip code. Rates are calculated from USPS and UPS website in real time using their rate tables.