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Candle & Tart Warmers Coming Soon!

How cute is this warmer?! 

Ginger Leaf Candle & SoyTart Warmer

These double as both candle warmers and soytart (wax melts) warmers so you don’t need two warmers anymore! Plus there’s no light bulb to replace, ever. The base unit has a hot plate and the top is ceramic dish which accommodates all of our container candles as well as our soytarts. 

We will be adding several warmer designs to our website this month and wanted to give you, our faithful customers, a preview. We will do a formal post when all designs arrive at our candle studio. 

The following designs will be arriving soon!

Sandstone – $20.00

Ginger Leaf – $20.00

Mint Leaf – $20.00

Mulberry – $20.00

Red Rock –  $20.00

Toffee – $20.00