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New Fragrances 50% Off!

SoyTarts drying on a work table

We’ve been testing new fragrances in the studio over the past few days and wow, does it smell good in here! Each fragrance we sample from the perfumers is tested both in SoyTart wax melts and candles. As you can see, there are often leftovers of our SoyTarts and we are making them available to you at 50% off retail while supplies last.

While some of these fragrances will end up in our regular fragrance line, others will not, so get them while you can!

 Banana Cream Pie $1.65 

Cardamom Cedar Blossom $1.65

Birthday Cake $1.65

Rosemary Citrus Spritzer $1.65

Wild Mint & Moss $1.65

White Tea $1.65

Vanilla Sandalwood $1.65