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Custom Scented Candles, Anyone?

The temperatures have been a bit toasty here in Montana and I’ve been taking refuge during the hottest portion of the day in the studio. All of the daily orders were complete, the studio had been cleaned, so what’s a girl to do next? Play with wax, of course!

I decided I needed some new wax melts and it seems I always return to raspberry (see our post from Sept 2017). This time I made a raspberry lime blend – A-MAZ-ING!!! The raspberry is sweet with a slight tartness and the lime adds this citrus punch that cannot be ignored. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Why limit yourself to the standard fragrances we offer when you can combine 2 or 3 to make something amazing like toasted marshmallow, almond and fudge brownie for the ultimate rocky road?

Some suggestions:

  • cucumber & lime
  • coffee bean & almond
  • blueberry & peach
  • vanilla, pumpkin & cinnamon
  • toasted marshmallow & coconut
  • fresh cut grass & rain
  • candy cane, sugar cookies & christmas tree
  • eucalyptus & garden mint
  • cherry & fudge brownie

The possibilities are nearly endless. Create yours today.


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July Blowout! 31% off EVERYTHING*


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Do you love summer as much as we do?  It’s a rare day when we can’t be found on the candle studio’s deck working or relaxing with a couple of our favorite candles and garden incense sticks keeping the bugs at bay.

Take advantage of this summer blowout and stock up on your favorite candles, wax melts, tub tea and more!

31% off Everything*

*excludes sale/clearance items. coupon must be entered to receive discount. coupon JB31

Hurry! 3 Days Only.


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Are your sweaters & winter gear going into storage?

It’s spring – finally! And that might change by the time this post is published but we are storing our winter weather clothing anyway. (shhh, don’t tell Mother Nature or she might make us regret that choice.)

lavender flowersOur lavender sachets are the perfect companion to clothing storage. Lavender is known to keep pests away from wool sweaters & socks so next fall when you dig them out, there won’t be any holes from hungry bugs. Plus, everything will smell nice too.

Did we mention they are economical too??
Only $1.25 each for a large 3 by 5 inch sachet filled with freshly dried, organic Lavender grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Save 10% with coupon code save10